Thoughts on the blog's first month


Hi there!

Fullstack Django recently reached its first month.

Considering how hard it can be to receive a positive response on social media (or a response at all), I must say I'm very happy with how things are turning out, with overall warm feedback from readers on Reddit and Facebook. I just created a Twitter account for the site.

When it comes to the stats, the site is currently receiving around 100 unique readers per day, and the first month received almost 5000 of them, due to the spike that happens after a new post. The majority of them are in the United States, so thank you American readers!

Quality over Quantity

You may have noticed I haven't published a tutorial for a while.

I could add my take to things that are all over the internet, but there are smarter and more experienced developers who can do it better. Instead, I want to offer you fun, mind-expanding content you can't easily find out there, using my straightforward style.

I'm currently focused on a full stack project with the Django Rest Framework and React, and once it's in a decent state I will write a course on how to build it. There is other content in the works, but building the Rest API is taking up most of my free time.

A sweet deal for my readers

I just entered an affiliate program with Manning that allows me to give out 40% discount codes on all their products (except for Liveprojects). You can sign up here to benefit from this and future promotions whenever they are available.

Thank you very much, stay tuned!